Both my daughters have attended MD school of Performing Arts since they were 4 years old. They are now 12 and 8. Taking Ballet, Tap and modern disciplines. Miss Debbie is an amazing teacher who values their individual strengths and always encourages their efforts. A passionate dance teacher who has the ability to bring out the best in each individual dancer. All the children are included in the annual shows – they love the shows!!

My girls truly love Miss Debbie and want to work to achieve their best for her. While my girls may not become professional ballerinas, (who knows) they have not only learnt professional dances following the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, but also great great friendships, to celebrate and congratulate each other’s successes and support each other when they need it.

Being part of such an amazing school is like being part of a big family who look out for each other and support each other. Watching my girls develop and grow in confidence and learn to try new things without the fear of failure has been one of the greatest joys and enrolling at MD school of performing Arts is one of the best decisions I ever made.

Nicki Greenfield
Miss Debbie’s is so much more than just a dance school. My children have been doing classes there for over 3 years – my youngest has transformed from a shy 2 year old to a confident 5 year old and my son can’t stand still anymore, he just dances. They’re both completely hooked on dance and would happily be at the studio every single day. They have made so many friends, they’ve learnt to work as a team, to support their friends when things aren’t going right and most of all they’ve had fun! I can’t recommend MD highly enough to anyone who is looking for a dance school for their children. Miss Debbie is a fantastic teacher and encourages and supports children in everything that they do.
Abbie Wills
Our daughter started dancing at MD almost three years ago and hasn’t stopped since! A warm, happy, supportive and importantly, inclusive ethos permeates throughout the school thanks to Miss Debbie and her leadership. All students can work at their own pace, whilst still being challenged and have their individual needs taken into account. The opportunities made available to our daughter through MD, such as the annual show, competitions and dancing with Pascha Kovalev in his stage show have been amazing. She has grown and continues to grow in confidence everyday. A quiet shy little girl found her dancing feet with MD which in turn helped her everyday confidence no end. MD is the place to be to make good friends, have fun and DANCE!
Gaby Lander
When our daughter was 2 years old we took her to MD’s baby ballet class – never in our wildest dreams did we imagine, 5 years later, that MD school would be such an important part of her life – or ours for that matter!

All of MD’s teachers set an excellent example to their students fostering pride, perfection and technical excellence in everything they do. It’s humbling to see how the dancers support each other during lessons, competitions and exam preparation. The dancers have such good relationships with each other which in turn helps them develop their humility, empathy and understanding at such a young age – setting them up for all sorts of challenges in life.

Miss Debbie is adorable and we love her lots we can’t work out whether it’s because she’s created such a professional dance school or whether it’s because she makes all her dancers feel part of her extended family. Honestly, we think it’s a combination of both! Our daughter, Isabelle, has grown in confidence and technique and her love for performing arts was founded by her love for being a part of MD! – Thanks – Team Hurst!

I feel happy that Miss Debbie is my dance teacher because she has always been so kind and comes up with great dance moves that are fun and active – she’s always got a smile on her face and a cuddle at the end of her arms. I’ve grown in confidence and learnt lots of different styles of dance. It feels like you are part of her family when you join her dance school! – Isabelle Hurst age 7!

Nicola-Jane Hurst
My daughter loves going to MD School of Performing Arts. She has been for about 7 years and enjoys doing Ballet, Tap & Modern. She is always encouraged to dance to the best of her ability & feels part of one big dance family when she is there. The children all look out for one another and Keira has made some wonderful friendships.

The opportunities for progression are encouraged & supported when appropriate. The shows put on each year are wonderful & give each and every child the chance to shine. Keira enjoys taking part in festivals & competitions which give her the chance to work one to one with the dance teachers.

Thank you Debbie for being a huge part in my daughters life-we wouldn’t change a thing.

Janine Wassell
Harry’s written something for you, Millie’s poorly at the moment but she wants to do hers in a bit…

Miss Debbie’s is the best dance school ever! We’ve won loads and loads of trophies and our teacher, Miss Debbie, is the best teacher ever! I LOVE MISS DEBBIE’S!!!

He insisted on the last bit being in capitals!

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